Disc Golf, commonly known as frisbee golf, is the most amazing sport ever invented! Easy to learn and FUN to play, it is an affordable activity suitable for young and oldDisc Golf Throws, male and female. Played like traditional ball golf, Disc Golf involves throwing a disc from a tee off point to a target (usually a metal basket with chains). Players will keep count of throws (or strokes); the lowest number of strokes wins. And that is how you play disc golf.

Disc Golf was born due to the handy work of “Steady Ed” Headrick, father of Wham-O Frisbee. Through his involvement in frisbees and all disc activities in the late 1960s, Frisbee Golf was born using “object” courses. Targets were common objects like trees, poles, fire hydrants, trashcans, etc. Headrick invented the first Disc Pole Hole TM and installed the first permantely Disc Pole Hole course at Oak Grove Park in Pasadena, CA.

Where do you play Disc Golf?

Disc GFirst ever Disc Pole Holeolf can be played anywhere. There are disc golf courses in your local and state parks. Check our Course Locator to find a disc golf course near you! You can also invent a course in a field or park area by using targets like trees, telephone poles, fence posts, goal posts. Want a permanent target? Try a portable disc golf basket; you can take it with you to a field or park! CAUTION: Anytime you throw a disc, EVEN on a permanently installed course, you MUST take care for the safety of all present. Please do not throw until the pathway is clear so that no people, animals, or property will be damaged!

When can you play disc golf?

Any waking moment! Play whenever you can! Most parks have hours posted. Some parks may remain open after dark, meaning you can satisfy your craving for a round of night Disc Golf. Try these glowing discs or see how you can make any disc light up with a Disc Golf Beacon.

How do you play disc golf?

Rule #1 is HAVE FUN*
Disc golf is played using flying discs. Players throw discs at a target (usually a basket). When playing disc golf with baskets, the disc must be resting in the basket or the chains to be a “make”. Players keep track of strokes and once tallied at the end, the player with the lowest number of strokes is the winner.


1) Billy Bob throws his first shot from the tee box/area.
2) Billy Bob walks to his disc. Billy should mark his “lie”(where his disc landed.) Billy can either leave his disc on the ground and throw a different disc, or he can use a “mini” marker disc. He should place it on the edge of the disc closest to the basket or target. Billy can now pick up the first disc he threw and use it again if he wants. Billy throws again towards the basket.
3) AWW!! Just missed !!! Billy is close to the basket but didn’t quite make it. He repeats the process to mark his lie and tosses a disc nice and easy into the basket to finish with 3 strokes for the hole. Good job Billy Bob!